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Current project

A new ELTea Masters in Action programme very much in the making – stay tuned! All details to appear here very soon.

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DOS-ELTea is a comprehensive offer for language teachers, teacher trainers, directors of studies, school owners and managers, as well as educational institutions. read more

Statement of Mission

The mission of DOS ELTea is to improve the standards of foreign language teaching and teacher training in Poland and beyond  by supporting the process of professional development of foreign language tutors, as well as by disseminating experience, expertise, cutting-edge ELT solutions and educational materials. read more


Robin Walker is a real ELTea Master!

Big thanks to everyone who joined us in Cracow and Warsaw last weekend. Judging from your enthusiastic feedback, you certainly felt it was the right decision! Lots of you praised Robin's honesty and instant credibility as a real, practising teacher, someone who is obviously very, very focused on his learners and truly likes them - and thus wants them to learn better. It was also great to see so many of you say that Robin confirmed a lot of what you already do in your classrooms: do we ever envy your students?! Once again, thank you for your trust in our choice of ELT Master. Speaking of which, stay tuned as we'll be announcing our next event in a day or two... With someone that a lot of you already know, admire, and keep asking for. Intrigued ...??  

ELTea Masters in Action: registration open!

Yes, yes, yes! Our first conference programme for this autumn is ready for action in Cracow on Saturday Oct 26th and in Warsaw on Sunday Oct 27th.

Our ELTea Master is Robin Walker, with a very intensive day, packed full of ideas and activities that will help you integrate listening, pronunciation and speaking into an attractive programme for teenagers or adults. Absolutely unmissable!

All details just a click away: session abstracts, timetable, Robin’s bio and venue information.

Registration open, seating limited book your place today!

ELTea Masters back in action very soon!

To inspire your teaching and celebrate DOS-ELTea 10th anniversary, we are very happy to launch the fifth edition of our  very successful ELTea Masters-in-Action conference series. Our first guest speaker this autumn will be Robin Walker, an ELT expert like no other, with an exciting programme full of hands-on ideas to teach speaking, listening and pronunciation to teenagers and adults.  We’re kicking off at the end of October - more information soon so stay tuned!

DOS-ELTea website: a brand-new design!

We hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday and feel ready to enjoy your teaching this term :)

Ourselves, we have been very busy indeed, one result of which is this completely redesigned website, with lots of goodies for you.  Make sure you check out our Hall of Fame, our Video section and our Photo album.  We do hope you’ll find the new site a lot more accessible and friendly.