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registration open! 16 places only!

Current project

A new ELTea Masters in Action programme very much in the making – stay tuned! All details to appear here very soon.

Teacher Trainer Academy

A truly unique opportunity for those who want to join the ranks of professional teacher trainers. A super intensive, exclusive training programme, with 74 hours of tuition and an impressive line-up of international and Polish experts. Starting in Oct 2015, 16 places only! Apply today - all details here

Statement of Mission

The mission of DOS ELTea is to improve the standards of foreign language teaching and teacher training in Poland and beyond  by supporting the process of professional development of foreign language tutors, as well as by disseminating experience, expertise, cutting-edge ELT solutions and educational materials. read more


registration open for DOS Teacher Trainer Academy !!!

In response to numerous queries and requests over the past few years, we are about to launch a truly unique project: the first-ever DOS Teacher Trainer Academy! As the name suggests, our aim is to help ambitious, experienced, enthusiastic, open minded teachers take a major step in their professional career.  Based on our many years' experience, we realize only too well that - while there are lots of points of contact between great teachers and teacher trainers - there also also many tricks of the teacher training trade that are worth sharing.  This is just where our new project comes in: everything you always wanted to ask about how to be a successful teacher trainer, but were afraid (or: quite simply, unable!) to ask. All programme details, the timetable, fees, and trainers' line-up already available and just a click away - simply click on the TTA logo above  As numbers are highly restricted - 16 places only! - get in touch with us straight away, at marta@e-dos.org or grzegorz@e-dos.org, if you want us to place you on our priority mailing list.  

DOS-ELTea website: a brand-new design!

We hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday and feel ready to enjoy your teaching this term :)

Ourselves, we have been very busy indeed, one result of which is this completely redesigned website, with lots of goodies for you.  Make sure you check out our Hall of Fame, our Video section and our Photo album.  We do hope you’ll find the new site a lot more accessible and friendly.